Why become involved?

We have found that there are many benefits to actively participating in activities of the Construction Special Interest Group for both an individual and their organisation.  (Click here to find out how to become involved.)  

We have summarised some of the key points below:

Benefits to the individual:

  1. Opportunity to share / use knowledge & experience for the benefit of the construction industry:  It is likely that you have gained a great deal more knowledge, skill and experience than you appreciate.  The ConSIG provides you with a means to utilise this to benefit the construction industry as a whole and well as help others develop.  This is a moral responsibility for every professional in our industry.   With the skills shortage in the industry becoming an increasing concern, it is now even more important that we focus our efforts not only on the present but look to the future, too.
  2. Networking:  You will meet other construction professionals.
  3. Continuing Professional Development:  Although we arrange specific events, topics discussed in our meetings provide further opportunity for personal learning and development.  Furthermore, there may be opportunities within the ConSIG to take a leadership role within our working groups and develop other skills (e.g. presenting, effective communication etc.)  
  4. Improved understanding of industry issues:  The opportunity  to discuss current hot topics with your peers is invaluable.  Very often we find the issues we face are the same as those faced by those in other organisations.  This provides the opportunity to discuss ideas for improvement and understand how others are approaching some of the challenges we encounter.
  5. Best Practice Ideas:  Meeting with peers in the industry provides an opportunity to share best practice.   
  6. Self-promotion: Those that contribute to our activities will be suitably acknowledged. For example, authors / reviewers are offered the opportunity for a personal page on our website.  We published bios on our website of the active members within our steering committee and working groups.
  7. Wider opportunities:  We have many organisations associated with the ConSIG.  This has led to other opportunities further afield.  For example, a number of our members presented earlier this year at the Quality in Construction Summit.  Members have also been able to attend other CPD leadership events arranged by other organisations. 


Benefits for the organisation:

  1. More competent employees:  free CPD (aside from the time dedicated)
  2. Better informed employees: greater understanding of what the industry issues are / latest initiatives, developments etc.:  opportunity to incorporate within the business strategy
  3. Better Networked employees:  e.g. can provide the opportunities for benchmarking
  4. Opportunity to have a say: opinion can contribute to the direction of the ConSIG activities    
  5. Contribute to the industry
  6. Promotion of your organisation: e.g. logos on website


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