Competency working group member charter

The following is the ConSIG CWG member charter which summarises the key aspects regarding membership. 

If you are interested in participating in working group activities, please send an email with your contact details to 

What is the ConSIG CWG?

The ConSIG CWG is a group of construction representatives including consultants, contractors, subcontractors and client organisations who are committed to working collaboratively to improve quality across the construction industry with specific focus on elements related to competency.

What is our purpose?

“To utilise the expertise and experience of the members of the Construction Special Interest Group to bring about significant improvement throughout the construction industry via appropriate competence of construction personnel at all levels and roles.”

What is our vision?

“To significantly improve the construction industry by facilitating appropriate competence at all levels and roles with respect to quality management, compliance and excellence.”

Why become a member?

The primary reason for members joining is an opportunity to use the knowledge and experience developed during their careers to date to contribute to driving improvement throughout the construction industry by means of effective quality management.

The ConSIG CWG also provides members with an opportunity to network with other construction industry professionals.  Not only does this provide the opportunity to meet new people, discuss industry wide issues, and obtain support but also contributes to continuing professional development.

What is expected from members?

We ask that our members are committed to our purpose and vision.  Although family life and day job must remain a priority, we ask that members contribute appropriate time and effort to help achieve the objectives of the ConSIG CWG.  For example, we ask that members regularly attend meetings to ensure they are up to date with the activities of the Group.

Who can join?

We warmly welcome any person to join the Group but do request that there is suitable knowledge and experience relevant to construction and quality to actively contribute to the vision and purpose.  There is no requirement to be professionally qualified, a member of the CQI or working at a senior level.  For example, several members are retired and bring significant contributions to our efforts.   We seek to represent the construction industry and therefore it is important that we have contributions from as many representative parties as possible.  For example, representatives from subcontractors and design consultants as well as contractor organisations are invaluable to the Group’s achievements.  

When do we meet?

The ConSIG CWG meets at the Chartered Quality Institute on a monthly basis.  Additional meetings are held as appropriate to progress the Group’s activities

Other Information

The ConSIG CWG must operate within the boundaries of competition law.  All members are regularly reminded of the need to comply with applicable statutory requirements


Rev 2.0 (9/8/17)


A pdf version of the Member Charter can be downloaded here.

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