Understanding Quality

Construction Quality Knowhow (CQK)

Understanding 'Quality'

Why Should Quality be Important to the Construction Industry?
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This article explores why quality should be important to the Construction Industry examining the negative impacts on the Project outcome but alos how it can be used to enhance  success and, hence, profit.

Cost of Quality
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This article examines the meaning of ‘cost of quality’ and elements which can be considered.  It also explains how investment in prevention can reduce the over cost from poor quality.

Quality Culture & Behaviour

This article examines quality culture and associated behaviours and reviews ways this can be driven throughout a construction organsitation.

Annex SL

This article explains the role Annex SL has in ensuring a consistent approach to management standardards, the requirements, and how this can be used to help develop an organisation’s management system.

How to check certification

This article explains the aspects which should be reviewed to check certification such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and UKAS is genuine and meets relevant requirements.

Quality Manuals and Quality Plans

This article explains the purpose of quality manuals and plans, principles to consider, and how organisation might go about creating them.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)-Beyond the Documentation

This article explains the purpose of quality management systems, explores cultural aspects and describes principles which can be used to develop and implement them.

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