Construction Quality Knowhow (CQK)

Quality Toolkit


Why 'Quality Toolkit?'

Why do we refer to ‘quality tools’?

What is an ITP?

What do we mean by an 'Inspection & Test Plan' and why is it important?

How to write an ITP

How do you produce and Inspection & Test Plan?

5 Whys

A simple tool to understand the real reason something happens

Fishbone (Cause & Effect) Diagram

A tool to help determine the root cause – the fundamental reason why something happens.

Quality Checklists

A key tool for construction used as an aide memoire to prevent error and evidence checks

Auditing Management Systems

Evaluate compliance to requirements systematically and objectively

Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

A proactive approach to examine potential failure mechanisms, assess the risk level and identify mitigation measures needed 

Interpersonal Relationships in Auditing

This article examines factors beyond just how to audit – how should we behave when we conduct audits so we can maximise the benefit for everyone.

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