Competency working group (CWG)


The CWG  aims to facilitate significant improvement throughout the construction industry via appropriate competence of construction personnel at all levels and roles.   

The CWG has three principal goals:

1) To provide the construction industry with appropriate knowledge relevant to quality, compliance and excellence.

2) To make appropriate training relevant to quality, compliance and excellence available to the construction industry.

3)  To define for the construction industry, the “Context” (grey) section of the CQI competency framework and provide support for construction personnel to achieve that definition.



The CWG has identified a number of work-streams relevant to competence in the construction industry.  The following explains some of the focus areas for the group:

Construction quality knowhow: aims to provide an quality information resource for the construction industry.  Further information is available here.

Training: aims to provide resources for the construction industry to enable training to be provided which can ensure the necessary competence of all personnel with respect to quality.

We are looking at ways in which training can be supported as follows:

Training for construction quality professionals:  Together with the CQI we are aiming to develop a framework for training quality management professionals in construction.

Training for construction personnel:  A key activity has been producing a framework for quality awareness courses.  This aims to provide construction personnel at different levels with an acceptable level of knowledge regarding quality – similar to the training provided for safety management by the IOSH and the CITB.  Further information is available here.


Industry support

Our work is well supported by many businesses, large and small, operating in the UK construction sector. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and we welcome businesses which are willing to be involved and contribute to our efforts. 



All members of the ConSIG are volunteers.  Many who contribute to the groups efforts represent their employing organisations within the construction industry.  



There are a number of organisations which have groups with objectives similar to ours and we are actively looking at ways to communicate and work collaboratively with them in order to achieve an industry-wide viewpoint.



Follow this link to find out more about members of the Competency Working Group.

If you would like to join the competency working group and / or contribute to our articles , please email Mike Buss (Chair) at

Photos taken at Working Group Meeting 10/1/18:  (Anti-clockwise from the right) Mike Buss, Will Pit, Tony Hoyle, Kevin Rogers, Ian Mills, Eric Loh, Karen McDonald, Keith Hamlyn  (photo by Paul Greenwood)

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