Construction Quality Professional Training

The Construction Special Interest Group’s (ConSIG) Competency Working Group (CWG) has now completed the development of a training course outline for Construction Quality Professionals. This is to raise the bar in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for construction quality professionals across the industry.

A Specification for the 2 day course for Quality in Construction and a supporting Construction Project Quality Lifecycle and an ITP visual aid has been developed which covers the following topics:

1) The importance of Quality in Construction

2) Planning:

  • Construction Project Life Cycle
  • Management planning for construction projects against contractual requirements
  • Information Management
  • Project Quality Controls

3) Delivery:

  • Technical Assurance
  • Managing Project Change
  • Site Inspection & Surveillance
  • Client liaison and handover

This is being made available to approved training providers to develop their course materials and will ensure a properly certified, standard training programme for quality practitioners in the industry.

Background pre-course reading in relation to this course is available here:

With regard to further development for Quality Professionals, a pathway has been identified. The TWG have agreed on the CQI preferred courses to be include in a Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management. This includes FD10 Introduction to Risk Management as the next course which is 2 days followed by five x 3 days CQI Practitioner Courses which are:

  • PT202 – Managing Process Performance
  • PT203 – Managing Management Systems
  • PT204 – Managing Change and Continual Improvement
  • PT205 – Managing Problem Solving
  • PT206 – Managing Supply Chains

To ensure the required standard is achieved, all modules include an exam.

The full Professional Pathway comprises 19 days in total, resulting in a Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management which can lead to Chartered Membership of the CQI, dependent on evidence of experience.

Karen McDonald, TWG Chair, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to bring quality professionals and industry experts together to develop a much-needed course for the construction industry. The group initially started with researching the various quality roles and undertook a significant piece of work to research what we want construction professionals to do by understanding specific gaps that exist and identifying the training needs.”

(L-R back) Anna Ibraeva, Nina Abbassi, Mike Buss, Susannah Clark, Rachel Cooper, Eric Loh, Karen McDonald, Gavin Avery.
(Front) George Georgiev.

The following Quality Professionals and Specialists have been involved in the ConSIG TWG Construction Quality Professionals Training Development Group since the group started in September 2018:

  • Karen McDonald – Skanska UK (TWG Chair)
  • Mike Buss – Taylor Woodrow (Competency Working Group Chair)
  • Debbie John – CQI (Head of Learning and Development)
  • Nina Abbassi – Abbassi Ltd
  • Gavin Avery – BAM Nuttall
  • Susannah Clark – PMI
  • Rachel Cooper – Skanska UK
  • Mike Debenham – Business Process Improvement Unlimited
  • George Georgiev – Carey’s Group
  • Paul Greenwood – Greenwood Consultants Ltd
  • Hussain Ali – Jacobs-Thames Tideway Project
  • Anna Ibraeva – Mace
  • Eric Loh – Murphy Group
  • Paul Marsden – BAM Nuttall
  • Jonny Montgomery – Shirley Parsons
  • Kevin Rogers – Mott MacDonald.

Following the completion of the development of the training course the TWG have also completed a lessons learnt exercise.

Further information can be obtained by emailing

Karen McDonald, ConSIG CWG Deputy Chair

24th October, 2019

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