Quality in Construction Course Webinar (30/7/2020)

Quality in Construction Course Webinar (30/7/2020)

CQI ConSIG Introducing the new CQI-IRCA Certified Quality in Construction course webinar (PT210)


This introduction to the CQI-IRCA Certified Quality in Construction course presented Abbassi Ltd as the first and currently the only CQI Approved Training Partner (ATP), who has designed and developed the course content to meet the CQI Specification.

 In the hour session, Nina Abbassi and Mike Debenham showed the webinar attendees how this 2 day course would be delivered on-line and in a classroom environment.  Questions were then taken by the panel on questions such as “What experience do I need to join ConSIG?” and “I am currently CQI Practitioner, how will this assist in my aim to become a chartered member of the CQI?”

Polls taken during the session

Throughout the session Nina took the following polls from the attendees:

Although attendees were predominantly from the UK, we also had participants from across Europe and the Middle East.

ConSIG Training Working Group

I was delighted to be asked to lead the Training Working Group with a group of experienced construction Quality Professionals and industry experts. 

 The course specification criteria was agreed with the ConSIG Steering Committee to help provide confidence to the construction industry that Quality Professionals have the knowledge and skills required for their role.

 We decided on a 2 day course focusing specifically on Planning and Delivery which could also be open to Operational roles as well as Quality Professionals, and have a link to membership of the CQI.

 I recently attended the on-line Leicester and Coventry branch event on the Dame Judith Hackitt presentation on Quality in Construction.  One of the things she mentioned was “We need to be putting Quality at the heart of the construction industry” and I couldn’t agree more with her on that.

 Following the event I received a message from a Project Engineer who attended the on-line event.  He wrote “I really enjoyed the webinar today on Quality in Construction, I’m pleased to see a course like this has made its way into the construction sector and look forward to attending it soon.”

 Karen McDonald, CQP MCQI

Chair of the ConSIG Training Working Group


Quality Manager at Skanska UK

Further Reading

Following questions raised by the attendees during the Q&A section here are links for further reading:

 How to become a member of ConSIG: 


 How to become a member of CQI:


 Quality in Construction pre-course information including ITP video:


 Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management: https://www.quality.org/training/quality-construction

 Relevant ConSIG articles on the Designing Buildings Wiki:

 Type in “consig” into the designing buildings search facility to see the articles written by ConSIG:


 Here is a selection in relation to the questions asked during the Q&A session –

 CDM Regulations: a quality perspective:


 Digital Quality Management in Construction:


 How to write an Inspection and Test Plan: https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/How_to_Write_an_Inspection_%26_Test_Plan

 Quality Culture and Behaviours:



Questions answered from the event by the ConSIG Steering Committee:

 1)      In order to ‘sell’ quality in our organisation are there examples of organisations that have embedded quality and reduced their project ‘re-work’ below the 8-18% threshold outlined earlier?

There is very little information relating to cost of rework as most organisations will not publish this information openly.

There are lots of snippets about specific activities that have reduced re-work but there is a cultural / behavioural issue here. Measuring the Cost of Quality has always been problematic as people are not prepared to share data for fear of jeopardising client relations / impacting insurance coverage / competition. This is why we are setting up a Working Group to look at how we might measure Quality, Dan Keeling is leading if you want to get involved.

Research undertaken by Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) and supported by CITB has quantified the ball park cost of the issue.

Where we are starting to see some examples is in the context of offsite manufacture. A good example to look at here is the work being undertaken by Brydon Woods with a number of Principal Contractors.

We are also seeing example where digital technologies are being implemented and are able to provide data. You might want to look at some software providers case studies as good examples.


2)      As a major supplier to the initial phases of construction, we note that knowledge of the applicable accreditations and applicable standard is highly lacking. Does this course address the students need to research these requirements fully instead of relying on the incorrect information they were taught in university.

 The CQI Construction Training course has been designed to supplement the CQI training programme for Quality professionals so covers all aspects of 9001. I take your point especially considering requirements set out in Sector Schemes such as RISQS that are not covered.

One of the things we are currently looking into and in the process of setting up is a Working Group to look specifically at Inspection and Test planning. Applicable standards and accreditations would be a key consideration in this. I will pass this on to Anna Ibraeva who has agreed to establish this Working Group, if you wish to get involved.


3)      Are ConSIG and the presenters aware of the CIOB Construction Quality Commission’s Code of Quality management? Also there is already a course available on Future Learn from the Chartered Institute of Building Academy called Quality in Construction

 We were asked to review and comment on the draft CIOB Code of Quality, before it was published. ConSIG are actually acknowledged in the report.

We are fully aware of the IOB training course and have been in discussions directly with CIOB. One of our team was actually invited and attended the CIOB course to ensure that we were not duplicating our efforts.


 4)      What experience do you need to join ConSIG? 

I would suggest that specific experience is not essential. We are looking for enthusiastic supporters for Quality in the Construction Sector who are looking to learn and contribute to our activities and demonstrate their professional standing by joining CQI.


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