Construction Quality Professional Training_1st Update

The CQI Construction Special Interest Group (ConSIG) Competency Working Group (CWG) have recently started a new working group to develop a training course outline for Construction Quality Professionals. This is to ascertain the knowledge, skills and behaviours required from construction quality professionals across the industry.

Rather than focus on individual job titles the approach is to define the knowledge, skills and behaviours within the following role levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Due to industry defined need the working group will initially focus on the Intermediate level.

The CWG for Construction Quality Professionals training development is made up of a group of Construction Quality Professionals that are key members of ConSIG and chosen to participate to give a breadth of experience and expertise to the development.

Supported by the CQI Head of Learning and Development the course outline will define technical training requirements and signpost to additional requirements such as Project Management.

Following the initial draft of the course content it will be reviewed by the ConSIG Steering Committee for comment and further direction.

Regular updates will be provided to the ConSIG community to advise of progress made.

Karen McDonald, ConSIG CWG Deputy Chair

November 2018

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