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CQI Construction Special Interest Group
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CQI Construction Special Interest Group
Simple, practical and useful information for day to day management of construction
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CQI Construction Special Interest Group
Cost of Quality
Researching the true financial impact of poor quality
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Using Digital Technology to Generate Value in Construction
Wednesday 7th March, 2018
The ConSIG would like to thank everyone who attended and for the feedback provided. We hope to see you again at our future events.

"A very interesting event with a lot of good information shared."

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This is the official web site of the Construction Special Interest Group of the Chartered Quality Institute in the UK

The Construction Special Interest Group (ConSIG) provides a forum for members of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) in the construction sector, and quality professionals in the construction sector who are considering membership, to maintain awareness, share experience and knowledge with peers, and to aid professional development. As such, ConSIG represent the interests of quality professionals in the construction sector and provides a network to support best practice sharing and benchmarking of quality management practices.

The construction industry lags behind other sectors, as articulated by Jonny Montgomery of Shirley Parsons in this article, and our vision is:

to advance quality and improvement in the construction industry

The purpose of the ConSIG is to:

  • Promote quality improvement
  • Define quality competencies across the built asset lifecycle
  • Develop a body of Construction Quality Knowhow (CQK)
  • Support professional development of quality practitioners working in construction
  • Represent the CQI and provide expert views and comment to the construction industry and third parties (such as government bodies) on quality related matters
  • Support new research and development.

Membership of ConSIG is open to those members of the CQI who wish to develop their knowledge and expertise in the area of integrated management and who can contribute to the objectives of the group.

Non CQI members and representatives of other organisations may be invited to participate in the group’s activities which include: meetings, e-group discussions and events.

The ConSIG steering committee comprises the chair, secretary and other group members. The chair is appointed by the group. To meet members of the ConSIG steering committee follow this link.